Date:June 22, 2016



Legal status: Association

Members’ profile: Volunteers

Activities with refugees in Izmir:

  • Advocacy for refugee rights (education, health care etc.)
  • Investigations and reporting on refugee issues to know more about obstacles they encounter in their life in Izmir
  • Time to time, volunteers help refugees with clothes, food or access to services (out of any official project)
  • Mazlum-der helps sometimes some other organization to gather humanitarian items to give to refugees

Location of activities: Izmir and all over Turkey

History and description:

Mazlum-der does not have a special project to work with refugees. It is a rights-based organization doing advocacy in Turkey (very few humanitarian work). About refugees issues, Mazlum-der reported about living conditions of refugee women out of the camp and wrote press releases about refugee issues.


Address: FevzipaşaBulvarıNecipoğluİş Hanı 148/1 Kat: 8-/805 Çankaya/İzmir

Phone number: (232) 484 06 41