Date:June 22, 2016

Karağbalar Kent Konseyi

Name: Karağbalar Kent Konseyi

Legal status: City Council – Municipality

Members’ profile: 18 people working voluntarily on refugees’ projects

Activities with refugees in Izmir:
Working group on integration issues (work permit, education)
Panels about refugees’ issues in Turkey and against hate speech
Sometimes, the City Council provides refugee families with items such as clothes and furniture
Kids festivals with refugee children

Location of activities:  Karabağlar (Izmir)

History and description:
City councils establish links between municipalities and organizations from the civil society through common projects. Karabağlar Kent Konseyi has been the first City Council working with refugees in Izmir. They started in June 2014 by providing refugees with classes and then carried out a project with clothes distribution.

Address:2904/1 sk. No:3 D:3 K:1 Özmer apt. Bahar Mahallesi Karabağlar – İzmir
Phone number: (0232)  414 80 55 -414 80 56
Facebook (Turkish): Karabaglar Kent Konseyi