Date:June 22, 2016

İzmir Suryeli Mültecilerle Dayanışma Derneği

Nameİzmir Suryeli Mültecilerle Dayanışma Derneği

Legal status: Association

Members’ profile: Volunteers (80 members and 150 additional volunteers)

Activities with refugees in Izmir:

  • Visiting houses of refugees to assess their needs (health, education, food, furnitures)
  • Collecting humanitarian items (food, furnitures, blankets, clothes) from businessmen and city councils, providing them to refugees
  • Accompanying refugees to services and institutions (translation) and in their daily life
  • Awareness raising about refugees’ situations in Turkey

Location of activities: Izmir city and region

History and description:

  • Creation: 2013
  • Main concern: the association was created by Syrians settled in Izmir before the outbreak of the war. They started to help refugees and formed an association.


Address: Fevzipaşa neighbourhod Birinci beyler 846 street, number:51 Katipzade hane floor :4 gate: 412 Konak/İZMİR

Phone number: 0537 849 0643

Facebook (English): Relief Society of Syrian refugees in Izmir

(Turkish): İzmirde Suriyeli Mültecilerle Dayanişma Derneği