Date:June 22, 2016

Hakların Köprüsü

Name: Hakların Köprüsü

Legal status: Association

Members’ profile: Volunteers (doctors, nurses, lawyers, journalists and activists)

Activities with refugees in Izmir:
Visiting houses to assess needs of refugees (medical needs, food, clothes, heating)
Campaigning to collect clothes and different items, distribution to people
Monitoring and reporting of living and health conditions in Izmir
Advocating for the respect of human rights of people towards local authorities

Location of activities: Izmir (Torbalı, Kadifekale, Agora, Ballıkuyu, Doğanlar, Foça)

History and description:
Creation: 2014
Main concern: establishing links between people, “bridging people”.
Other activities: working with victims of earthquake in Van, in containers camps
Other activities with refugees: humanitarian items in Diyarbakır camp and other camps ruled by municipalities, reporting activities and need assessments in other places in Izmir region

Address: 1439 Sok. No: 9 apartment: 2, ALSANCAK / İzmir.
Phone number: 0232 421 22 80