Date:June 22, 2016

Amnesty International İzmir Activist Group

Name: Amnesty International İzmir Activist Group

Legal status: Amnesty International Local Activist Group

Members’ profile: Changing, approximately 20 activists

Activities with refugees in Izmir:

  • Raising lobbying and awareness through Amnesty International campaigns about violation of rights, molding public opinion and informing
  • Campaigns: Rights on Roads, Open to Syria, S.O.S Europe

Location of activities: Turkey (İzmir, İstanbul, Ankara, Diyarbakır, Edirne, Muş) and worldwide

History and description:

  • Amnesty International pursues a refugee rights project in Ankara office. Other projects are conducting from central İstanbul office. Activists in İzmir follow the campaigns of İstanbul office.
  • Amnesty International Turkey generally works on human rights violations. Also, practices women and LGBTI rights, freedom of speech, child rights and death penalty.


Address: No office in İzmir.

Phone number: 0554 396 87 73 (Activist Dilan Taşdemir)


Facebook(Turkish): UluslararasıAfÖrgütüTürkiyeŞubesi